Wednesday, April 13, 2011

'Stake Land' Viral

When looking to market films, production companies have developed an affinity for viral marketing. Cheap and remarkably effective, it is an obvious choice when advertising for lower budget films. Horror movies in particular have utilized viral marketing to garner attention to their production. A recent example is the use of chat roulette to market "The Last Exorcism".

Another horror film has surfaced with a viral video that is much more graphic than any I can recall. "Stake Land" is a film which takes the typical zombie apocalypse story, removes the zombies and replaces them with vampires. This, however, comes across differently when compared to the "vampire soap opera" type entertainment that has become so popular. The movie sounds unremarkable, which is probably why the viral is so poignant. Video follows the jump but beware, if you're sensitive in anyway this viral is probably not for you. Due to graphic violence it may also be ill advised to watch at work.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tallahassee Film Festival - Friday

TFF had many screenings on Friday night all over Tallahassee. Many of the screened films will show again during the course of the festival. The major film event for the night was "Sufferosa", an interactive film by Dawid Marcinkowski. The film is actually edited as it is viewed, based on factors like audience reaction, to produce up to three alternate endings. Unfortunately due to technical difficulties Sufferosa wasn't able to be screened. 

CinemaSinema got to sit down for actor, comedian and director Ahmed Ahmed's "Just Like Us". The film is a comedy tour through the Middle East. Comedians tend to speak about drugs, sex, and religion in their acts. These are banned topics in various parts of the Middle East which makes for an underlying tension and expectation that at any moment everything could go horribly wrong for the performers. The film works toward proving that although culturally different, like anywhere else, the people there are "Just Like Us".

The stand out in our opinion though was the short film preceding Ahmed Ahmed's "Just Like Us". Pardis Parker's short film "Afghan" squeezed more heart from an 11 minute short film than many Hollywood directors can muster from feature length pictures. "Afghan" is about making light of a terrible situation, when the main character finds that he has become the victim of a hate crime. We strongly encourage you to watch Afghan after the jump:

Friday, April 8, 2011

Entourage Final Season Gets Start Date

With the announcement of a start date the end begins for the show I derived the most fun from during my adolescent and young adulthood. Starting Sunday, July 24, Entourage will embark on its eighth and final season. Season eight, which plays out over eight episodes, brings to an end each of the character's stories despite talk of a potential feature film.

'Armadillo' Trailer

It may seem like that the intent of many documentary filmmakers in the 21st Century is to prove war is wrong. Perhaps that isn't the intent but after seeing what soldiers go through, as a regular citizen, one can't help but feel any other way about the topic. War is a real thing. Real people fight them, on either side, who have wives, kids, mothers and fathers. I think the real intent of documentaries about war is to exhibit that very fact. It appears as though "Armadillo", one of the latest documentary efforts dealing with the topic, is true to the aforementioned intent while having a particular eye for cinematography. Russ Fischer of / says of the documentary, "based on this trailer, the film is no routine mishmash of interviews and combat experience." Seeing what some of the bravest people on the planet do, first hand, always makes for remarkably interesting film making. Check the trailer for Armadillo out after the jump:

Tallahassee Film Festival - Thursday

Thursday, the Tallahasse Film Festival's official opening day to the public was a success. At the Aloft Hotel on Monroe Street TFF hosted documentary, screenwriting and an A-Z workshop. These workshops are open to the public and, unlike many other festivals, are free of charge. The workshop consisted of panels of working filmmakers who were either screening films in the festival, work in Tallahassee, are from Tallahassee originally or some mixture of the above. The insight was profound and, considering the "free-ness" of the event, the sessions were very valuable.

Due to unforeseen circumstances CinemaSinema wasn't able to make it to the first screening of the festival. "Small Town Murders", directed, written and edited by Ed Gass-Donnelly was the opening night presentation. A short narrative film "Vicky and Sam", directed by Nuno Rocha, was also screened Thursday night at the Regal Miracle 5 Theater on Thomasville Road.