Friday, April 8, 2011

'Armadillo' Trailer

It may seem like that the intent of many documentary filmmakers in the 21st Century is to prove war is wrong. Perhaps that isn't the intent but after seeing what soldiers go through, as a regular citizen, one can't help but feel any other way about the topic. War is a real thing. Real people fight them, on either side, who have wives, kids, mothers and fathers. I think the real intent of documentaries about war is to exhibit that very fact. It appears as though "Armadillo", one of the latest documentary efforts dealing with the topic, is true to the aforementioned intent while having a particular eye for cinematography. Russ Fischer of / says of the documentary, "based on this trailer, the film is no routine mishmash of interviews and combat experience." Seeing what some of the bravest people on the planet do, first hand, always makes for remarkably interesting film making. Check the trailer for Armadillo out after the jump:

Do you expect something different from Armadillo, or has the Documentary film about war been beaten to death? Let us know your take!

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