Wednesday, April 13, 2011

'Stake Land' Viral

When looking to market films, production companies have developed an affinity for viral marketing. Cheap and remarkably effective, it is an obvious choice when advertising for lower budget films. Horror movies in particular have utilized viral marketing to garner attention to their production. A recent example is the use of chat roulette to market "The Last Exorcism".

Another horror film has surfaced with a viral video that is much more graphic than any I can recall. "Stake Land" is a film which takes the typical zombie apocalypse story, removes the zombies and replaces them with vampires. This, however, comes across differently when compared to the "vampire soap opera" type entertainment that has become so popular. The movie sounds unremarkable, which is probably why the viral is so poignant. Video follows the jump but beware, if you're sensitive in anyway this viral is probably not for you. Due to graphic violence it may also be ill advised to watch at work.

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