Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tallahassee Film Festival - Friday

TFF had many screenings on Friday night all over Tallahassee. Many of the screened films will show again during the course of the festival. The major film event for the night was "Sufferosa", an interactive film by Dawid Marcinkowski. The film is actually edited as it is viewed, based on factors like audience reaction, to produce up to three alternate endings. Unfortunately due to technical difficulties Sufferosa wasn't able to be screened. 

CinemaSinema got to sit down for actor, comedian and director Ahmed Ahmed's "Just Like Us". The film is a comedy tour through the Middle East. Comedians tend to speak about drugs, sex, and religion in their acts. These are banned topics in various parts of the Middle East which makes for an underlying tension and expectation that at any moment everything could go horribly wrong for the performers. The film works toward proving that although culturally different, like anywhere else, the people there are "Just Like Us".

The stand out in our opinion though was the short film preceding Ahmed Ahmed's "Just Like Us". Pardis Parker's short film "Afghan" squeezed more heart from an 11 minute short film than many Hollywood directors can muster from feature length pictures. "Afghan" is about making light of a terrible situation, when the main character finds that he has become the victim of a hate crime. We strongly encourage you to watch Afghan after the jump:


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